Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Test

I recently signed up to road test the 3L Scrapbook Adhesive EZ Runner.  I have to say I love my herma so was a little sceptical of this one at first.  However recently I have taken to using double sided tape more often as the herma is failing on some of my older layouts and I was completely won over by this one.

We were given a list of questions to answer so here goes:-

1.  How often do you use adhesive? Every week.

2. What is the main type of adhesive you use?  A mixture of Herma, Double Sided and Anita's Tacky Glue.

3.  What do you look for in an adhesive?  Easy to use and does the job!

4. How easy is the product to remove from its packaging? Very - it has a nice perforated bit on the cardboard to make it easy.

5. Does the product appeat to you - ie does it look good? Looks ok but I'm not that bothered about the look of adhesive.

6. How easy is the product to use?  Very very easy.

7. How well does the product perform?  Extremely well.  Allows a little manipulation before pressing down firmly and then it sticks very well.

8. Do you like this product?  Yes I love it!

9. Do you consider it good value for money? This is the only problem for me I think £4.99 is expensive for 10m of tape.

10. Would you consider buying this product in the future?  Yes but how much depends on the price. 

11. What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future?  A cheaper way of buying it eg multipacks.  If it wasn't so expensive I would use it all the time but at this price I think I will save it for when I am in a hurry!

12. What would make you less likely to buy this product in the futureJust the cost really.

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