Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Day at Big School

First_day_at_big_school_1 I went to a crop today and managed to finish one lo. A dlo is in progress too. Not my quickest work but when I decided to use precut letters and then stick them on card and cut round them all what did I expect! I used January's scrapagogo kit to make this. The paper is crate paper avenue.

Friday, January 26, 2007

SSF CJ Returns

Fav_places_cj_cover_2 My first ever circle journal has just returned to me and it is full of fabulous entries. It is a UKS team cj for the Secret Stash Faeries and it is great to have some work from my fellow team mates. Here is my cover .


..and the first few intro pages done by me before it set off on its journey around the country.Fav_places_cj_rules

The sign in page has come back with loads of lovely tags.Fav_places_cj_sign_in

Now lets move on to the best bit  - all of the entries.

Fav_places_cj_lizThe first was mine.  This was my first ever cj entry so I didn't really know what I was doing!  I decided to do somewhere I thought no-one else would do - Plemont Bay in Jersey although I think Jane might have done there if I hadn't.

Next my cj went to Michelle (Ski)Fav_places_cj_michelle

Michelle's entry is a fabulous and really colourful entry.  She split the entry into two places, one for summer and the other for winter.  La Manga in Spain and Heavenly Ski Resort in USA.  They both sound wonderful places but I think La Manga is more likely to get a visit from me.  Skiing isn't for me - no sense of balance!  But La Manga sounds great and is a bit of Spain we've not been to ... yet!

Fav_places_cj_janeNow on to Jane (Fluv's) entry.  Fantastic entry of Washington State USA.  I love the little postcards all carefully addressed to me - great touch.  This has put Washington on my list of places to visit.  I have been to Seattle but only in passing so next time we will have to stop there.

Fav_places_cj_debs Debs (Lady Legolas) is next.  Great entry from Debs with a fantastic sentiment..My favourite place to be, is wherever my friend is at... with a picture of Debs and Jane too.

Fav_places_cj_pauline Now on to Pauline's (Keltikween) entry.  This one brought back memories for me as we went to the west of Scotland for our honeymoon.  I don't think we visited any of these places but the views are very similar to the ones we saw.  This entry is a fantastic advert for the Scottish Tourist Board and I would go back tomorrow if you could guarantee me some sunshine!!

NFav_places_cj_nikiicky 's (Bluie Blue) entry is all about surfing and her favourite place to surf.  Now I am not certain about this one because you really can't beat St Ouen's Bay in Jersey for good surf.  I am not a surfer myself - again a lack of balance! ..but love to go on the boogie board.  Seriously though a great entry from Nicki and a very personal one too so I love it.

Fav_places_cj_jan Next to Jan's (Jani d) entry.  Jan chose 3 different places - Florida which is one of my fav's too, Alton Towers another favourite of mine - great memories of visiting there especially whilst at uni! and then there is camping in the lakes.  When I was a child we had a holiday booked there but the forecast was so bad my Mum refused to go so that is somewhere I haven't been to and would love to visit although I might give the campsite a miss!

Fav_places_cj_katie_1 Katie (Katie Squirrel) next and her favourite place is New York City.  Another of the places I have visited including the empire state building and the statue of liberty.  Unfortunately my memory of the statue of liberty was not being able to walk by the time I got to the bottom as I don't like heights so I was so tense all the way down my legs seized up!  Fab piccies and lovely papers.  Oh and I am 5c richer now!

Fav_places_cj_julie Last but by no means least is Julie's (Juliebee) entry.  More fab papers and I love the little fold out bit with the extra piccies and the tags.  Now as I have already said camping isn't my thing so I might not add this one to the list of places to visit but it does look fab!

Thank you all for your wonderful entries in my first ever cj - I really love each and every one of them.

And for completeness here is the back coverFav_places_cj_back 

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Sister

Little_sisterFinally did a proper layout - it seems ages since the last one. I have been doing cj's and some of my atc fat book swaps - these are 4x4 's with an atc on top matching the lo underneath - I will post piccies of them soon.

Anyway this one was inspired by this weeks UKS weekly challenge. Title had to be an Elvis song and when I saw the title Little Sister it reminded me of a photo taken on New Years Day where Becky looks taller than Katherine - she isn't really but not far off. I used some of my back porch memories kit from December. Chatterbox Blizzard Floral paper, some MM alphas and the Winter Stamp from the kit and then used acrylic paint on foam alphas to do the title which I double matted to make it stand out.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Journal for 2007

Journal_2007_1Okay so I haven't posted anything for a while. I have finished off an album for Mum and Dad but forgot to take photos of it and done a few cj entries which I will hopefully post later when the cj's are finished. I have 'signed up' for a challenge set on UKS by Yorkiegirl to create and keep a journal for 2007. This is my front cover. I used Junkitz Shabby Chic Diamond Paper, a blossom from the advent swap, a bazzill brad and some KI Memories Cookie Cutter Stickers.