Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2!

So I am still a day behind with Shimelles class! Yesterdays prompt was about telling a story and recording details so it is easier to scrap them later.  So back to the wedding.  My 2 daughters  - the brides nieces were both asked to do a reading at the wedding, which they did brilliantly.  Fortunately they had a microphone as the noise of the waves and the wind did make it rather difficult. Afterwards the reception was in a pink hotel next to the beach, where we had drinks on the terrace and I took these 2 photos of my daughters - the elder one is with her boyfriend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogging for Scrapbookers

Yesterday I started a new course from Shimelle called blogging for scrapbookers - you can find details here. Well as I scrapbook (sometimes) and have a blog it seemed like a good idea to join in. Having only got home last night though I am already a day behind!! Not a good start really but hopefully it will get better.

Yesterdays prompt was about setting goals for the course. As the next few weeks are looking a little hectic at the minute I need to be realistic so I will aim to blog every day - even if it is only a little bit and perhaps do 3 or 4 layouts too but that maybe optimistic!

Last week we went to Florida for my sister-in-laws wedding and I then went to the scrapagogo getaway for the weekend so I have lots of layouts and photos to share which should make the blogging easier.

As it is now dark and I haven't had chance to take photos of the weekends creations I will just post a picture of the bride and groom on St Petes Beach :)