Thursday, May 3, 2007


Last weekend was the UKS Mad Hatters cybercrop. Captains_trophy

I didn't really get a chance to join in with much of the pre crop fun but I managed to do a whole load of lo's during the weekend.

The first used a doyly as a mask with a paint dauber.  I wasn't sure what photos to use with the black and white but found some older photos of this trophy Katherine won a couple of years ago and decided it was time to use these on a lo.  I used a few leftover bits from Januarys scrapagogo kit..the lovely crate paper one.


The next class was using decorative scissors and other ways of getting decorative edges.  I found my little used scissors and did a little bit with them but then used some doodlebug paper strips instead of cutting other bits out.  As I had 3 pictures of the topic I decided to turn it into a dlo.  All the papers, alpha and embellies were from my April scrapagogo kit.


The next class was to use some old papers up and so I found out some basic grey papers I have had a while.  The class used one big photo but as I had a load of 6x4's printed from our Easter Trip to France I decided to put 2 of the together and turn the lo round.  Loved the way the title was done using bits of pizza box..have a few of them lying around and then cover with papers.


This was a very quick lo - the challenge was to find a partner and both use the same photo and each others quotes.  Deadline for uploading was 12.00 and I only started looking for a partner at 11.15 but both me and Jemm managed to complete the challenge which was worth loads of points.  It did take as long to upload to UKS as to do the lo though lol.


I think this was the next one I did and this was almost an exact copy of the class.  I love using cut out flowers and the 'tazzy' title was done with some new banana frog stamps that just happened to fall in the basket whilst ordering the papers!

The picture is of tazzy's first trip into the garden on her lead so we didn't lose her!


This lo was one of the challenges - Cheshire Cat which just required the use of a photo with a big grin!  I really like the way this one turned out and is probably my favourite of the weekend - partly because it was all my own idea and I didn't have a class to follow.  For some reason the paper just lent itself to being cut this way.  The photo is when we had just got Tazzy and she was only 6 weeks old..aarrhh.


This was one of Shimelles class and the idea was to use a really big picture.  This was one of my favourite pictures of our Easter Trip so decided it was a good candidate to make it really big.  Another lo using Aprils scrapagogo kit - fantastic kit.


My final lo again using the same kit has a spelling mistake (I have corrected it on the lo) but I was in a bit of a hurry to finish it!

All in all a great weekend of scrapping.  If only I could do that many lo's every week!

PS I have realised I must have done the St Ouens lo later in the crop as I did that after Shimelles class - hence the idea to use a big photo!  But can't be bothered to change the post!

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